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PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:32 am    Post subject:

So, looks like fire does the most damage. What a shame...<evil cackle>...

(Do the developers all play fire RKs in their free time??)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:43 pm    Post subject:

The Mumak fight has been changed, the Mumaks now spawn adds at 70%, 55%, 40% and 25%. So only four groups instead of five. I've updated the guide to reflect this change. Moreover I cleared out some text regarding the mumak dps order.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:54 am    Post subject: Power of Knowledge reading on each boss

These readings were taken shortly after each boss fight was initiated as the targets cannot be inspected before they are engaged. I therefor cannot account for any mitigation debuffs applied by fellow raiders.

I have noticed that an LM raven's 10% fire mit debuff is sufficient to take a boss down to a lower bracket. I did not use the raven myself on this run though and any reduction in mitigations would be extraneous. I will repeat these readings in further runs to check for discrepancies.


PostPosted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 5:56 pm    Post subject: Throne of the Dread Terror T1 Public Guide

Note this guide is intended for T1. Certain mechanics may be insignificant or not even present on T1. Any claims I make are about the tier 1 version of the raid unless otherwise stated.

Note: if you can beat the Mumaks, you can almost certainly beat the whole raid. The exception being the raid bugging out.


Encountered bugs:

-The firewall does not disappear after the Mumaks reset, preventing you from trying it again. Make sure no one retreats before the fight has reset to prevent it.

-The Mumaks do not all aggro on you, usually you only get 1 or 2 and you have to taunt the third one yourself. I've been told this was already reported as a bug on Bullroarer.

-The third boss does not respawn after a wipe. The space is completely empty, but the shadow wall after the boss is still there preventing you to continue. Make sure no one retreats before the fight has reset to prevent it.

-The shadow wall before the third boss does not disappear, even though you've cleared all the adds and are out of combat. This may or may not have had something to do with someone crashing during this part. When you try to run it again it looks to have properly reset, except when you get to the end the warleader stays green and cannot be killed.

-(This one may be working as intended) When the third boss reaches his immunity state you cannot dispel it anymore. You have to do it before he reaches it, so at -50% or -75% incoming damage.


Note that it is usually the mechanics that is killing you, as the mobs do not do much damage on T1.




-Put one tank in front of him and have 11 people stack behind the boss, standing on the dead bodies where he starts works well.

-Let the group get up close towards the tank (5m range), so they catch the distributed and your tank does not get one shotted.

-If the group is catching the haemorrhage bleed you are catching his frontal and should step a tiny step backwards, the group should never be having the bleed.

-It works best (for us) to let the group touch Rakothas's target circle with their feet and let the tank be just inside his target circle.

-Using this strategy will require a lot less group healing as the group will not catch his 30% morale damage AoE frontal, nor the bleed.

-At tier 3 haemorrhage the second tank will move in front, taunt him, and the first tank moves behind the troll to let haemorrhage expire. (One shots you after T5) Keep repeating this.

-Just keep the boss targeted and you'll burn him down in under 2 minutes before he stacks too many buffs.

-Adds will die in champion's AoE (bring at least 2)

-At 25% he will enrage (+100%) damage, so use make sure oath-breakers is available here to end him quickly.

-At this stage the tank might get one shotted (because your positioning may get out of whack), but the other tank can jump in and just revive the dead tank.

-The first time we did this with only one death. Just need your dps to be on par so the last 25% doesn't last long. If it's a bit slow I expect you may lose your tank twice.

-If you keep your positioning right the entire fight, you will do it without any deaths, but that takes some practice.


Notes for T2:

-I think for T2 the 6 vs 6 method should be used, as the distributed may have a smaller range.

-You'll want to make use of the keg to dispell all his damage buffs (Don't blow up the raid).

-If the adds drop below 50% you have to kill them fast. Leaving them below 50% for too long they will pop their dying rage buff (+200% damage, -95% incoming damage).


Trash to the Mumaks

This trash is really easy on T1, run in and just AoE it all works pretty good. It's purpose is to teach you the mechanics of the mumak bosses I think. The warmaster puts a shield on everyone else which will make them take no damage, hence you have to kill the warmaster first. Archers put on a poison that takes off 20% of your morale, so use a potion to help out your healer. Do not pull the trash that is fighting the Gondorian soldiers, they will keep respawning infinitely. Kill order is warmaster, death chanter and then simply AoE.



For this fight I suggest to bring 3 tanks:

-1 Mumak kite tank

-1 Mumak target tank

-1 Reinforcements tank


-The group stands in front of the rock a little west of the south side of the road. This is a safe spot from the stampeding mumak (oneshotters).

-The Mumak kite tank grabs two Mumaks and runs them all the way to the east of the battlefield and kites them in circles. If there are stampeding mumaks coming, he can jump on the rock (safe spot). The benefit of tanking these so far away is that when someone gets an eye, it will always expire before the Mumak gets to the group. The Mumak kite tank will not need a healer.

-The Mumak target tank grabs one Mumak and brings it to the group.



-When an orange circle drops, this will take off 40% of your max morale. The archers in the Mumak might stack 3 circles in the same place, which will result in certain death if you don't move out of it.

-There spawns a stampeding mumak in the southwest corner, if you spot it, call it out. Everyone needs to be standing in the bushes to avoid getting oneshotted in its path. The bushes are a safe zone.

-Pot your poison or you'll take 20% morale damage.

-When you get an eye, run out of the group or you'll stun them. (Also a Mumak will start coming to you)

-When you damage Set-Akâji, Kû-Nerpag also takes half of the damage.

-When you damage Kû-Nerpag, Aprong-Dôkh also takes half of the damage.

-When you damage Aprong-Dôkh, Set-Akâji also takes half of the damage.

-Aprong-Dôkh does not give eyes (and chase).

-At all times move between the rock and the road on the southern side of the battlefield, stampeding mumaks do not path here. If you move too far to the west of the rock, stampeding mumaks will spawn in that corner and can one shot you.

-The Mumaks spawn adds at 70%, 55%, 40% and 25% morale. They will appear under the Mumak and the Mumak target tank has to pick them up. At 55% your reinforcements tank and champs will have to peel off. The single target dps kills the adds that have spawned and if there is no Mumak adds left, they will burn the Mumak through the next 15%.

-When the first mumak hits 50% you have activated the reinforcements coming from the south end of the road (BfE style). They will spawn every minute. This is also the reason the group stands near the south end, so the add tank can easily pick them up and they won't chase to the Mumak tank.

-The Reinforcements tank will pick up the reinforcements adds. Since they are on a 1 minute timer, you'll want two champs here full time to AoE them down.

-Always target warmasters first as they put the shield on everyone else!

-Two champions will have no problem dealing with the reinforcements unless it's the two trolls + warmaster wave. Have an RK help out to kill the warmaster ASAP, so the trolls are going to be damaged by the AoE.


To recap, your raid is going to be split up in two groups at this point.

-The 2 single target dps will always be on the Mumak's adds and if the adds are dead they will burn 15% off the Mumak.

-The 2 champions will always be on the reinforcements adds. If they've killed everything within a minute they can catch a breath.

-On the 2 trolls + warmaster wave you call out for the RK for help on the reinforcements adds for a moment to avoid being overwhelmed.

-The runekeeper moves with the tide of battle. If called for aid by the champions he will go to the reinforcements. Otherwise he can help the Mumak group. (It has to die at some point.)

-You want to make sure that the Mumak spawning adds is near the dps group and not being kited. The following strategy is a possibility to achieve that:

  • Dps Set-Akâji to 54% and take care of his 2 spawns. (This will take Kû-Nerpag to 77%)

  • Switch mumaks

  • Dps Kû-Nerpag to 25% and take care of his 4 spawns. (This will take Aprong-Dôkh to 74%)

  • Switch mumaks

  • Kill Set-Akâji and take care of his 2 spawns. (This will also kill Kû-Nerpag.)

  • Kill Aprong-Dôkh and take care of his 4 spawns. 

-This strategy uses 5 dps, 3 tanks and 2 healers. Fill the last two spots with the classes that work best for you.

-Most deaths are caused by people not avoiding circles/stampeding mumak, the Mumak and adds dont hit hard at all.

-If you are taking a wipe, never retreat until the fight has completely reset, failing to do so may cause it to bug out. (The firewall does not disappear and you cannot continue.)

-You could dps down all 3 mumaks to 55% first, so you have to spend the shortest time dealing with reinforcements. However the zerg from 100% to 55% goes so fast you don't win more than 30s on each mumak, so you gain 60s total. The results is that you only get one reinforcements wave less. This fight is already so complex, you really do not need to add more complexity to it: if you take every mumak down to 55%, you'll be spawning adds on the mumak kite tank with the partial damage effect. So just take the one extra reinforcements spawn and handle the Mumaks one by one for simplicity: now the kited mumaks can go down from 100% to 71% without spawning adds.


-If your group is T2 ready it works amazingly well to just zerg the mumak in less than 30s and then AoE all the waves of adds that you've spawned.

Notes for T2:

-Tank the half-trolls and warmasters so they don't respawn.


Trash to Vadokhar

As soon as you approach the warleader you've started this "BG to durchest" styled trash. You will keep getting adds respawning very fast and again this requires lots of AoE damage. Focus on the trolls, as soon as there is no troll hitting you, you should press onwards. The rest will die in AoE. When you get to the end, kill the warleader and all the adds will stop respawning. Note if you pulled the warleader back, you need to have a player run to the end (the black shadowy wall) after he died for the adds to stop respawning.



He starts tiering up a buff (-25% damage, -50% damage, -75% damage, immune to damage) which needs to be dispelled. You can dispel it by pulling the boss in the middle of a shadow or a flame puddle. He will soak it up. The boss needs to be in the center for a few seconds for the buff to disappear. Your tank will take big hits from the puddle during this time. (Melee dps should not follow him.) Depending on your group make up you can decide whether you want to pull him into a shadow puddle or into a flame puddle.

-Letting the boss feed on a flame puddle grants him a -50% incoming melee damage buff for 20s and -5% incoming melee damage buff, +10% fire damage buff permanently.

-Letting the boss feed on a shadow puddle grants him a -50% incoming tactical damage buff for 20s and -5% incoming tactical damage buff, +10% shadow damage buff permanently.

-I forgot if ranged damage debuff was fire or shadow.

-Ensure that you let him feed on a puddle before he reaches his immunity state.

-Use a wound potion to remove the -50% fire mitigation debuff.

-Use a fear potion to remove the -50% shadow mitigation debuff. 

The grims have a tier 3 corruption that takes away 5% morale every 2s of everyone near them. You have to either remove the corruption (requires 3 removals) or kill the grim, whichever one happens first. For T1 the strategy definitely is to AoE all grims down ASAP. Removing corruptions is good, but it's not required to remove the corruption before they die, so AoE is recommended. Basically you have to either remove the corruption or kill it, whichever one happens first.

Therefore have one tank grab everything, keep everyone focused on the boss. The grims will readily die in the champions AoE. Once you get to about 6M, the boss probably has reached -75% incoming damage and at this point have the tank will him into a puddle. As soon as the puddle disappears, the rest of the group can follow and continue as before. Around 3M morale you'll have to do the same thing again. Just keep the dps up and you'll only have to pull him into a puddle twice. 

If you are taking a wipe, never retreat until the fight has completely reset, failing to do so may cause it to bug out. (The boss won't respawn and you cannot continue.)


Trash to the Unbroken One

This part is a bit ambushy, as in you don't want your healer running in front cause suddenly 6 adds jump on you.

-There will be purple puddles with tentacles gripping away at your morale, so it's highly recommended to move out of them.

-There are some sorcerers reflecting tactical damage.


The Unbroken One

First clear the mini bosses (AoE it all works perfectly) and then kill the 5 binders that are keeping him locked down. He will activate and he has a tier 200 corruption and takes -99% damage. As soon as the last corruption is removed he dies, so really it's corruption removal only. Don't bother using any damaging skill on the boss. Simply dps the adds and use your corruption removal on the boss every time it is up.

 -If a darkling reaches you it will spawn a void puddle which does a lot of damage and keeps rubberbanding the group into it like a true black hole. (Needs to be confirmed.)


Trash to the two Nazgul

Do you remember the lvl 75 Orthanc instance Fangorn's Edge? (Not Roots of Fangorn!) Well it's pretty much like that, there's a big road and group of 20-25 adds walk down it. You have to zig zag on the side to avoid pulling these big groups. Make sure you kill all the little groups on the side, because otherwise the black shadowy wall at the end will not disappear. So no skipping adds like DoS here!

-Sell Swords reflect melee damage when the buff is up.


Two Nazgul

They need to be tanked far apart because otherwise they take no damage. Don't take them too far apart, but try to tank at minimum distance which removes the shields on them, so that a healer in the middle can still reach both tanks.

-The Woe of Khand is vulnerable to tactical attacks: +25% incoming tactical damage

-The High Sorcerer of Harad is vulnerable to physical attacks: +25% incoming melee damage and +25% incoming ranged damage

-If someone runs in melee range of the High Sorcerer of Harad (except the tank), he will fear 3(?) random people.

-Generally tank the two nazgul near the lights they spawned from. However don't stand too close to it, or you'll get the bones of the dead debuff from the light.

-First kill the Woe of Khand. They don't have to die simultaneously (on T1).

-The Woe of Khand starts tiering up an incoming healing debuff on your tank. For T1 it works fine to just ignore it and burn down the boss. It tiered up to -45% by the time we killed the Woe of Khand. It will only expire if he no longer gets hit by the Woe of Khand. So if your dps is slower, your heals are bad or if you're doing T2, you'll want the tanks to switch targets at some point. So they each take the other one's. This will make sure the debuff expires. It also works to have one tank grab both for 10s. They'll take no damage but the debuff on the one tanking the Woe of Khand will expire, after which he can pull it back and the raid resumes the dps.

-Next kill the High Sorcerer of Harad, he will spawn adds on a morale trigger, so make sure you always kill adds first before you start dpsing the boss again.


-There's some crawlers with a purple eye spread around the field that give you an eye or fear you (requires more testing), in any case don't stand near them. 

-If you get an eye, run away from the group.

-If you kill a crawler it respawns in 2 seconds, so don't bother.

-Occasionally one crawler becomes corrupted and starts hitting a fellow. The corrupted crawler needs to die ASAP, he will always be the first dps priority! He hits pretty hard and as soon as he kills someone he gets a +400% damage buff. The corrupted crawlers stop spawning when the Woe of Khand dies.


Gothmog the Dread Terror

Phase 1 you just engage him and take him down to 80%. (You'll know you're there when his morale bar turns green.) There's not much special about this.

-He reflects 25% of fire damage like most wraiths, so put revealing mark on him.

-Do not run into the background with about a 1000 haradhrim. You'll get one shotted like when you run too far out in a Big Battle.


Make sure you revive anyone before you phase gothmog, because you are going to get ported away.... into the breach of terror! (Dead people might be ported with you, I have not tested this.)


You are now in Gothmog's story telling time world. Check if no one has crashed. If you're good to go step a bit forward and you'll see Mordirith together with a fell beast. Mordirith is immune to all damage/taunts/debuffs/interrupts like Meneldil in Silent street, he is just there to whack on your healer. Burn the fell beast. Simple tank and spank. There seems to be an eye put on people but it doesn't have a noticeable effect.


Next you'll catch up with Mordrambor and Amarthiel. Just engage and start dpsing them (read the notes below first!). They are reforging their ring Narchuil (either on a timer or morale based?) and once they're done they take -95% damage. Well that's gotta be something you can dispel and you're right. What do you do with rings? You throw them in a big hot fire. Fortunately there is a forge upstairs and if you drag the boss in it, Narchuil will break again and you can continue dps.


It's easiest if you run up to the forge from the start and have each tank standing on one side. When the ring needs to be melted, you can drag them into the forge. (Standing full time in the forge does a lot of damage.)

-Put all your tactical/ranged dps on Amarthiel as she occasionally pops a 10s buff that reflects all melee damage

-Put all your melee dps on Mordrambor as he occasionally pops a 10s buff that reflects all ranged/tactical damage

-Having the tanks on each side of the forge makes sure a champs AoE's won't hit the other target and the healers can be standing in the middle healing everyone.


Next you meet Mordirith again. He's still immune to all damage, but don't fret there will be lots of things to fight. I think he spawns about 50-75 adds, they come in waves but they come very fast.

-AoE it all while your tank grabs everything.

-Champions are amazing here, you'll want 2 of them (or 3 if possible).

-The sorcerers come in the later waves and these reflect tactical damage. Melee/ranged dps is fine.

-Again bring champions, you need the AoE and melee damage does not get reflected, it's awesome!

-When Mordirith puts glowy puddles on the floor you should move out of it. I've seen people getting one shotted in 3 puddles and I've seen nothing happen when you stand in 1 puddle, so they're still a bit weird in my opinion. He puts the puddles on 3 people, but if they were standing in the same spot, they all stack on the same place. So don't take a risk and definitely move out of them. You can handle 1, but not 3.


There's some trash next. Twice you will encounter a troll, a small bridge and a big chasm. It is best to not tank him on the bridge and get yanked into the depths of Moria. Really, you cannot get revived and the raid will have to continue without your tireless efforts.


Lastly you will fight Gothmog himself. This starts out as a simple tank and spank. He occasionally puts a debuff on the tank that sets his morale to 75k but his mitigation to 15%. You could try swapping tanks, but I've experienced it also works really well to just ignore this mechanic on T1. At a certain point you will get two risen skeletons. Just kill them, they spawn a poison cloud upon defeat, so move out of that. You don't need to worry much about where you kill them because the poison clouds disappear after 20-30s.


-When you get to about 4m morale left (on T1), Gothmog will say something along the lines "The flames of Mordor will consume you". There will be adds walking from the left to the right or from the right to the left. (Note you are standing in a hallway thing.) These adds are dropping blue flame puddles that will wipe your group quickly if you stand in them too long.

-You'll be fighting the boss in the central hallway. If the adds come from the right hallway, move all the way to the left hallway. He will drop flame puddles behind him that will not disappear until he reaches the other side of the room. That's why you stand on the other side of the room until he arrives there and then you can move back to the central hallway.

-After you've been through this once, throw oathbreakers on the boss and burn him down. If your dps is a little slow you'll have to go through it twice, hence it's safest to return to the central hallway, so you can see the adds coming. (You don't know if they'll come from the left or the right.)


When you kill Gothmog you are ported back into the real world and I will not spoiler that, the raid is pretty much done at this point. Think of it as killing Gortheron in OD after Gandalf destroyed his troll body.

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